“Honesty is the best policy.”

It’s a phrase I’ve heard over and over in life but yet few people seem to follow it. What if honesty was the only policy? No white lies, no fibs or fabrications, just the truth.

I plan to tell the truth for an entire year. Regardless, of the situation I plan to be honest no matter what it gets me into. I want to know if the “truth will set you free.”

Join me on my journey as I learn about what the truth is, why people lie, and see if my life is any better from telling the truth.

My name is Casey. I’m a 20 year old curious college student confused about a lot of things in life. I am, by no means, a pathological liar but, I’ve told my fair share of lies.




6 Responses to About

  1. patblogg says:

    I read your Blog with great intent and I find it very intriguing and interesting. I will continue to follow it. Great interesting read. Reminds me of my University days. I went through the same path you are taking albeit without a Blog at the time.
    Thank you for following my Blog about the Deceitful person who was in my life whilst pretending to be someone else.

  2. patblogg says:

    Indeed the truth will set you free. It is the principle that counts.

  3. Its totally brilliant that you are doing this! I look forward to catching up and reading from week one. I believe that the truth does set you free all-though its not easy and the free feeling doesn’t always come quickly. I hope your year of truth does set you free, good luck.

  4. Todd says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog, sounds like an interesting half year so far, you have some wonderful writing skills. Good luck and keep enjoying yourself 🙂 Cheers from Vancouver, Canada.

  5. Yolanda says:

    I am pathologically honest for life and even when you try to be nice about it, it’s quite unwelcome. I wonder why Casey can do it and not suffer extreme ostracism.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This link showed up in my Facebook feed (we’re friends), so out of pure curiousity, I clicked on it. I really think this is a fantastic idea! You have some amazing writing skills, Casey. On top of that, you are so good at listening to yourself and doing what is right for you. I really admire that and hope that someday, I can be the same way. I plan to stay tuned until the end of this project and see what you glean from it. Thank you for this; it’s truly made me re-evaluated some choices I’ve made in regards to the truth.

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