Week 43 & 44

In the past two weeks my grandmother passed away, I ended a five month relationship, I was evacuated from my apartment, survived a  hurricane, and registered for courses for the end of my junior year.

It’s been pretty hectic since we last got together. Where would I even start? I must apologize for skipping last week. Hurricane Sandy did a lot of damage and I was without power for a period of time. Also with everything else going on in my life I’m sorry to say but this wasn’t my first priority.

My Grandma passed away after spending the last few years of her life with declining health. I thought I’d be prepared but I wasn’t. I guess you really can’t ever be prepared for death. I was the youngest grandkid of hers and I decided I wanted to give her eulogy. It was something I knew I’d regret not doing, although it scared me. She helped raise me so it only seemed fitting that I give her a proper send off. I kept it together for awhile but I eventually brought everyone to tears. I just shared my honest and best memories that I had with her. I know her suffering is over.

I broke up with my boyfriend. I’m not gonna say a lot here but it was something I needed to do. You can’t lie to yourself or your partner.

Sandy didn’t harm any loved ones but it destroyed my family’s summer home. My family is pretty devastated but I’m just happy everyone is okay. I lost power at school and was evacuated to a temporary dorm where they had me working 24/7. It was mentally draining but I survived. I bonded with my staff and my friends. We had a truth night where we stayed up almost all night and became a lot closer.

My school’s plan for a disaster was terrible and poorly planned. I made sure to voice this to my boss and tell his supervisor how I felt. I told the truth and it felt good knowing I said what I needed to say.

I pulled a trigger and decided to stick with my broadcasting major. I don’t necessarily like all the courses but it’s a dream of mine to work in the city. I did some serious thinking and decided that I’d be disappointed in myself if I gave up the opportunity to potentially throw away the option to work in the heart of NYC. I may not be happy but it’s a dream I know in my heart is worth pursuing.

That’s my life lately. It’s been hectic but I’ve been honest. I apologize for the lack of posting last week! I hope my life will get back to some level of normalcy.

Truthfully yours,


This has been another week of Me, being honest.


About Casey

Seeking happiness while only telling the truth
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