Week 37

I’m taking acting this semester. Some people may argue that acting is lying and others would be willing to fight that idea until they died. The reason I bring it up is because today we actually got into a lengthy discussion about acting, lying, and why we lie.

My professor actually said that one day he thought about telling only the truth as his New Year’s resolution. He didn’t think it would be possible. WRONG! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 

The majority of the class came to the conclusion that we lie to avoid confrontation. It’s natural for humans to avoid these types of feelings. When confronted we can feel attacked or victimized. I guess since I’ve started this that I’ve been conscious of that. I shouldn’t do things that I can’t stand the repercussions of. I think I’ve matured in a sense to know that. I believe I’ve grown as a person because I haven’t had a chance to cover anything up. If my truth telling causes problems then I have to deal with it. It might suck at the time but eventually it all passes and everything works out in the end.

I hope I can inspire at least one of you to try and stand up when it comes to confrontation.

The last thing my professor said was, “Acting is not lying, it’s about finding the truth.”

Truthfully yours,


This has been another week of Me, being honest.


About Casey

Seeking happiness while only telling the truth
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One Response to Week 37

  1. C says:

    another solid week

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