Week 28

“Good Morning, Nuggets! I’m Casey and I’m going to be your peer leader today. I’m going to to be honest with you guys because I’m not making salary. Today is gonna be a long day, but it’s gonna be a good day. When I came to orientation I was having a great time and then I was ready to rip my flesh off my body on the drive home. I never wanted to come back. Look guys, it’s a long day and I get that, but if we stay positive it’ll be a good time. If we drag our feet and complain the day is gonna suck. And guess what.. it sucks to suck so let’s not suck. Okay? So be nice to me and I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you guys today.”

This is basically how I greet my students every morning at orientation. From the moment I get them I tell them it’s gonna be a long day. I find the more honest I can be the more they respect me. For the most part I’ve had some really great groups. Every group or so can tend to have one or two bad seeds but with a little time and sarcasm I can get them to change their attitudes.

This week I had one student in particular that really stood out for wrong reasons. He was what we would call “too cool for school.” His friend came to orientation the week prior and said that it sucked and was stupid. Within a few hours I seemed to be sticking with him. I never lie to my students and it seems to be a good thing. I’m over the “sugarcoating” method of lying to people. I try and set the tone for the day while being as honest as possible and it’s really paying off. This “too cool for school” approached me at the end of the day and said,

“Thanks. My friend said today would suck but he was wrong. It’s not that bad and you’re pretty cool. The day is just long is all.”

I told him I was glad and reminded him that the first thing I said was that the day would be long. He smiled at me as he headed home. I’m really proud that my students respect me and I have the ability to change peoples attitudes. I enjoy being a positive role model and I’m happy that I don’t need to compromise the truth. Telling the truth is a great way to earn respect.

Truthfully yours,


This has been another post about Me, being honest.


About Casey

Seeking happiness while only telling the truth
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