Halfway Point

A little over six months ago I embarked on a journey to tell the truth for a year. My life has greatly changed in ways I never saw coming.


I started the year out with a girlfriend. After a lot of thinking, time, and self reflection, I’m now happily in a relationship with my boyfriend. I struggled a lot with my sexuality but I finally just decided to be honest with myself and embrace it. It wasn’t easy and some people got hurt in the process. I’m sorry to the people I hurt but I just didn’t know who I was.


The truth has killed about three friendships. Two of the friends and I aren’t even on speaking terms. I’m not that sad about it anymore because that’s life. I can only do so much. People come into our lives and they leave just as fast. Everything happens for a reason and I can only keep moving forward from here. Telling the truth has lead to me being more trustful with people and although I’ve lost some “good friends,” I’ve definitely gained new people in my life who I value greatly.


I came out to my parents and it was rough at first but my parents still love me. I still have a roof over my head. My extended family supports me and loves me all the same. Not everyone knows yet but it’s an ongoing project.


In the past six months I’ve acquired two new jobs. I work at my school as an orientation leader and in the fall I’ll be an RA. In all my interviews I remained honest and it seems to have paid off. I also was already working at my school as a tour guide and I still achieved high accolades while being only honest.


I’m happier. I have a better idea of who I am, what I want, and what makes me happy. I’m still indecisive but I’m getting better with speaking my mind. I feel better about myself and life in general. It’s hard to be honest with yourself. It can hurt and it can be scary, but if you can be truthful with yourself, there’s not a lot else in life that can scare you.

Some mornings I might wake up and I wonder why I’m even bothering, but the good moments outweigh the bad ones. I miss silly white lies but overall I think it’s safe to say my life has improved. I look forward to seeing where the next six months will take me.

Thank you for reading and supporting me.

Truthfully yours,


This has been another post about Me, being honest.


About Casey

Seeking happiness while only telling the truth
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  1. C says:

    good job! =)

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