Week 25

I hate doctors. Sorry if you’re a doctor, but chances are you never have anything good to tell me. I’ve never been fond of going even though they can eventually make you feel better. I’m stubborn and I’ll be the first to admit it, I’d rather tackle it on my own naturally. When I was in high school I was too noble, (or stubborn) to go to the doctor when I had mono. As I write this post I’m nipples deep in orange juice and cough drops but this time is different.

I went to my schools health center. Normally I’d just deal with it but my summer job goes full swing this week and there are other people depending on my performance. I need to be 100% for my team. Instead of being a moron and holding out I figured I should just embrace getting better. I was honest with myself and decided to wave the white flag. I’m now on the path to getting better and will hopefully be recharged and ready for orientation which starts a little later in the week.

Now speaking of orientation, I’m nervous. We have received weeks of training from various offices on campus telling us what to tell students. Someone actually came in to tell us that we need to “sell the school” no matter what. Apparently it’s a trend nowadays for parents to enroll a student at two institutions and base where the student will go after the orientation experience. The staff is encouraging us to tell new students to take Saturday classes because it’s not a big deal. We were given a bio of the summer reading requirement and list of “reasons why students should read it.” They are even telling us to tell commuters to park in a lot that is at least a quarter mile from campus. I love my school but there are things my University believes that I personally don’t.

This week is going to test my integrity. Do I stay honest to myself and this project and risk getting fired? Or should I tell the students things I don’t believe is right for them so my school can rake in money? I’m in a tricky situation.

Truthfully yours,


This has been another week of Me, being honest.


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One Response to Week 25

  1. Kristi says:

    I believed similar lies only to later end up hating the school. If you do as you’re told, as opposed to telling the potential students the truth or at least your honest opinion, there will be many students who make the wrong choice and end up in my shoes. Save them.

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