Week 24

I’ve said before how the trust is important and it needs to be earned. The truth and trust can go hand in hand because you need one for the other. The more we tend to trust people the most honest we find ourselves.

This past week I had heavy days of training for my new job as an orientation leader. Part of training included an overnight “retreat” at a local YMCA camp. The two day period was jam packed with info sessions, team building exercises, ropes courses, and icebreakers. I didn’t think I’d grow very close to many of the people I worked with because we are all so different. I was wrong. I’ve opened up to this new group of people and they have all embraced me. I’ve shared some fears with them and they all help me out. We all trust each other and we are all very honest. Truth can really help beautiful relationships to blossom.

I had a friend this week ask me for advice because she knew that I would be honest. It seems to be a common thing now that many of my friends know that they will get the straight truth from me. She was dead set on being a teacher her entire life. She’s almost done with her undergrad and knows she DOESN’T want to teach so she’s debating on what to go to grad school for. She asked me a few personal questions while asking for my honest opinion. She knew I would tell her what I thought, and not what I thought she wanted to hear. I used to tell my friends what I knew they wanted to hear, which wasn’t always what I wanted to say. I’ve learned at the end of the day it’s better to stick to what you have to say because in the long run real friends will appreciate a truth that may have made them upset as opposed to a falsity that made them smile.

With the project I keep finding that life is too short to leave things unsaid or live in fear for what others may think. Be honest and follow your heart. Extract yourself from your life right now and pretend your life is a book. You are the hero or heroine. If you are reading your story to a group of people are they listening? Is it worth reading? Would you google the plot because you think your tale is too boring? Make sure your autobiography is a bestseller.

Truthfully yours,


This has been another week of Me, being honest.


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Seeking happiness while only telling the truth
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