Week 23

This week was my last week at home because I started a new job at my college as an orientation leader.

The sad truth:

Some things are just better left in the past. I saw an old friend while I was home this week. I hadn’t seen her since graduation and we used to be really good friends. Over time our friendship just fell to the wayside so I attempted to rekindle it. I was hesitant on catching up with her because it had been so long. What becomes important or relevant information after two years of not seeing each other? Well I had a lot to say, she didn’t. After about ten minutes I was ready to leave. She just hadn’t changed and didn’t have anything to say. I’d ask for details and all I would get is “good.” I came to the realization that maybe things fall apart for a reason. She meant a lot to me but the new memories aren’t special. We agreed to keep in contact every so often but I don’t know if that will actually happen. We shall see.

I was very active in clubs in high school. I was always meeting with advisors or teachers to plan things and was known for being a leader. I visited my high school to stop and talk with some of the staff to just let them know I’m making something of myself. In my conversations one woman (whom I was very close with) had a lot of advice for me. She told me that the longer I’m out of high school the more removed I’ll feel from the area. I couldn’t agree more. I feel like every break I come home that there are less friends to see. She told me that she would feel weird seeing anyone from high school. She went on to tell me that there a few people she might email sporadically. We continued to discuss just how different things feel because I loved high school. I even had a conversation with my Dad about not coming home after college.

These things might be sad but it’s the truth. The truth won’t always be positive and it won’t always be something we want to hear. The sooner you embrace the truth the quicker you can deal with it.

Truthfully yours,


This has been another week of Me, being honest.


About Casey

Seeking happiness while only telling the truth
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