Week 22

This week was a rough one for me. I had some pretty close slip ups. I didn’t lie, but I also don’t think I was 100% honest. Now you’ll have to cut me some slack since June makes this my sixth month of telling only the truth, I’m almost at the halfway point!

Misleading people or leaving out parts of the truth can be considered a falsehood. I learned this week not to hide things plain and simple. I’ve taken so many steps forward this year that I think I had my first slip up, but I’ve since recovered and learned my lesson. I was honest this week, but there was an instance where I held back parts of the truth. I held back pieces of a story out of fear for what would happen. Stupid me should have just aired out all the truth in the open because it ended up blowing up in my face. I ended up coming clean later on but the crisis could have totally be avoided if I had just told the whole truth the first time.

I’ve been watching three boys for the past seven years and we’ve become very close. During the summers I’d spend over 30 hours a week with them and I’m somewhat of a role model for them. I consider them to be like brothers or even my own children some days. I wanted to see them before I head off to school for my new job so their mother let me watch them for an afternoon. The oldest asked me if I had my nipple pierced, (For you new readers, I do.) because he could see a slight line underneath my shirt. I would have said yes but their parents had just gotten home and I panicked. I knew the boys would want to see it and I wasn’t trying to show it off for my boss. I didn’t exactly lie, but I wasn’t as honest as I could have been. I chuckled and said,

“You think I’d get my nipple pierced?”

He laughed with me and continued to play video games. I got paid shortly afterwards and drove home with my secret. I guess the babysitter always wins.

I’m not perfect. Before I started this project I had no qualms with lying, fibbing or hiding things. My half truths this week have been weighing heavily on my conscious. These past few months have definitely changed my thought process. This past week might have been a bit of a step backwards but sometimes it takes a step back to propel us forward.

Truthfully yours,


This has been another week of Me, being honest.

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