Week 17

Apparently according to the world of twitter April 30th was National Honesty Day. So were you honest?

Honesty is important. It’s not only important to be honest with others but yourself as well. So do what you want and make sure you are happy. In life it’s great to please others but we can’t forget to please ourselves.

My semester has almost wrapped up and I have to say I survived. Telling the truth hasn’t killed me. I might have had a few closer brushes with death but isn’t life about taking risks? Looking back, there are somethings I wish I could have lied about but I told the truth and the world didn’t stop spinning. I maintained my group of friends, didn’t get fired from my job, and actually acquired two more jobs on campus.

This week at work I received feedback from giving tours all semester. One family wrote in the comment box that they enjoyed their time and actually appreciated my honesty when they asked me questions.

I’ve found that being honest with others and myself is helping me build stronger bonds and friendships. I’ve definitely grown as a person in these past 17 weeks and I’m excited to see how the rest of the year pans out.

I’m happy and content with life right now and that’s the truth.

Truthfully yours,


This has been another week of Me, being honest.


About Casey

Seeking happiness while only telling the truth
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  1. Jack says:

    agree with you,but sometime i think we have to

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