Week 12

Part of being honest means you can’t play both sides. Hiding the truth is just as bad as lying. A friend helped me come to this realization so with that being said I made sure to be fully honest with myself and everyone else I come into contact with. I’m growing and I need to figure myself. I shouldn’t fear the truth but that’s easier said than done.

Work this week has been pretty positive. The families on tour seem to appreciate my honesty. A woman this week asked me what was it like to deal with some of the professional staff in various offices on campus. I simply replied, “It’s like dragging your feet through hell.”

That’s the honest truth, I explained to her that some people just happen to have an attitude. I also gave her and her daughter advice on how to avoid getting into situations where you would have to be involved with those people in the first place.

I had a meeting with my boss this week and she told me she was happy I was honest with her about missing my meeting. I simply told her I had forgotten. She was glad I didn’t give her an excuse.

I had to be honest with myself about my commitment to what I do on campus. I’m very involved and I had an opportunity to become more involved this week. I made a decision, after heavily weighing things out, I decided shouldn’t over exert myself next year. I want to be available for my residents seeing as they will be a top priority. If I spread myself too thin I’d be letting everybody down.

I’m done with hiding things and not being me. A lie by omission is just as bad as a bold faced lie. If the truth hurts, then let it. Didn’t someone say true beauty can stem from ugliness?

Truthfully yours,



This has been another week of Me, being honest.


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Seeking happiness while only telling the truth
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