Week 8

Does anyone else think this year is flying by? Every week when I sit down to write this weekly post I’m shocked that it’s already time to do it again. Eight weeks into this project and I’m bewildered at the situations I’ve been thrust into and how differently I’m handling things.

So Friday wasn’t the best day of my life. I was having a miserable morning and I had to go to work. For those of you that don’t know what I do, I work as a tour guide at my school. It’s a job that you really can’t do with a sourpuss attitude. I had to take a group tour out and I really didn’t want to, and I always want to. I didn’t even have the option to not take it because someone called out. I started my tour out by telling them right off the bat I was in a horrible mood. After telling them that, I let them know that I was putting that aside for them because they came here for a good tour, and that’s my job. I promised them a good tour regardless of how I felt internally.

Don’t you hate when you go to a restaurant and the service is awful? I know I do. So I figured I would I be up front about it and address the problem immediately. How did the tour go you might be wondering? I’d say it was probably one of the best ever and one of the parents insisted on paying me, which is totally unnecessary. At the end one parent told me thank you and wished that my day got better. I think it really pays when you are upfront with people. They seem to relate more when you are honest.

I’m taking a poetry class this semester and right now were in a workshop phase. Each class we read someone’s poetry and critique it in front of them. Now I’ve taken workshop classes before and they are for criticism. They aren’t really meant to be forums for “how great a poem is.” In class this week we went over someones poem and it was far from excellent. (Now let me tell you, I’m not an incredible poet either.) No one would say anything bad for fear of being mean. No one said anything negative until it was Mr. Honesty’s turn.

I was honest and told him there was a lot going on and it was hard to follow. I offered tips on what to fix and I was just being honest. I wasn’t going to sit there and say I loved it, when I didn’t. Everyone in my class seemed to be too scared to say anything negative. I wasn’t, the people who followed me seemed to have taken my honesty and used it as their courage. They agreed and pointed out more flaws rather than just praise the piece. The professor agreed with me.

What would you do if a friend texted you asking if her ex boyfriend made out with another girl and you know the answer is yes but you knew she wasn’t supposed to know?

It would be so easy to lie and say “Idk,” or just to ignore the situation. I couldn’t do that. I had to respond with yes even though I didn’t want to. This just lead to more problems, but they would have come up no matter what I said. I was honest with her and I even told her about my project which inspired her to be honest with some things in her life. When I told her I was telling the truth she praised me and said she didn’t think she could do it herself.

Telling the truth has also forced me to be more up front about certain situations. I was having conflict with a friend so I brought it up right away to deal with it and he didn’t really take it so well. After some talking though some of the tension subsided. I was just being honest and letting him know how I felt.

This week the truth put me in some situations that if I could lie I would have handled differently. I’m becoming more in tune with my emotions and how I feel whether if I want to or not. Telling the truth scares me but part of life is facing those fears.

Truthfully yours,



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One Response to Week 8

  1. Kristi says:

    Not only do I thank you for being honest, but I thank you for sharing your struggles with being honest. I was honest (even thought I thought I couldn’t be) and not only did that lead to a multitude of issues, but ultimately it lead to a gigantic sigh of relief. I always say anything is a success if you get at least one more person to join on the band wagon- and you did just that!

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