Week 7

I went on a date on Valentine’s day which some of my friends asked me about. This resulted in me “coming out” as bi this week to three people I’m relatively close to. Each one was more accepting than last. It’s nice to know that these people are still there for me. I wasn’t originally planning on saying anything so soon but I couldn’t explain the date without doing so.

A good friend of mine skipped class to study for another class. The professor knows we are friends and asked where she was. He said, “Is she having a bad hair day?” To which I stammered and responded with, “You’ll just have to ask her.”

The first question someone asked me at work on Saturday was “What don’t you like about the school.” That woke me up real fast. I was honest with her after grappling with what to say.

There’s a phrase I’ve heard a lot in life that I’d like to share with you incase you are unfamiliar, “don’t make people priorities when you are just an option to them.” This idea goes along with the idea of being true to yourself, you never want to sell yourself short. It’s important to stand up for yourself.

Someone contacted me and I put myself out there. I was hesitant on the matter and it looks like my intuition was dead on. I was talking to someone who apparently needs to get his life in order. This guy doesn’t know what he wants and was aimlessly leading me on. When it came time for action he backed out. He told me that we should be friends and so that he can have me whenever he wants. To which I responded with no. I’m better than that. I’m not going to sell myself short for some jerk. Truthfully, I can do better and I’m not going to deal with someone that sees me as an option. I have morals and I’m staying true to who I am.

It can be hard to be honest, but it can be rewarding as well. We just don’t always see that right away.

Truthfully yours,



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