Week 5

Happy February my readers! February has brought me into the 5th week of my project and this week had it’s fare share of moments for the truth to blossom.


This week I had a good friend ask me for advice. We were catching up on each other’s lives when she started telling me about this guy in her life. She asked me for relationship advice. Eager to help her out, I poured my heart into the situation telling her what I thought she should do. As she continued her story, something seemed a little off. I asked her more details only to find out that she completely wasted my time. She lied directly to me telling me that the entire situation was made up. She then started to explain the REAL situation to me. Not wanting to hear it I motioned that we cut our dinner short and call it night.


I’m upset that she blatantly lied to my face. She wasted my time by fabricating a silly fable to keep my interest. It hurts a lot more because she was such a good friend. If she had just told me the truth, I would have accepted her the same and not thought any less. But for right now the relationship is strained. I guess we’ll see where it goes.


I also had the first of three possible job interviews for the month of February. I applied to be an RA at my school and I finally had the last interview. I met with a building director and another RA who helped conduct my interview. I think it went well seeing as I could only give the truth. However, there was one small blemish in my interview. The director asked me, “Name a time in your life when you dealt with a conflict and how you handled it,” I for the life of me lost it. I couldn’t think. I was frozen in time. I asked them to have the question repeated for a few seconds to save myself but it was no use. I started speaking not understanding where I was going. In a normal situation I’d probably lie on the spot and come up with something they wanted to hear. I couldn’t do that, so I started with some horrible example and then responded, “I’m sorry I really can’t think of a time where that has happened but I assure that it has.” I almost lied in that situation but I stopped myself.


If I don’t get the position, I will believe that it is solely because of that tiny blip.


Flirting, by definition is to experiment or show superficial interest in an idea, activity, person, or movement, without commitment. Now let me tell you, flirting is really hard to do when you are only being honest. I downloaded an app on my phone to meet locals and let me tell you it’s a train wreck. I downloaded it out of curiosity and it’s just awful. I’m not trying to brag but I’ve had 30 or so responses in the past week from probably 30 of the craziest, weirdest, sex offenders in my area. Every time I get a message I either ignore it, answer until I get scared for my life, or just flat out tell them that I’m not interested. It might not be nice but sometimes the truth hurts.


This week I really learned that telling the truth is a good thing. No one likes to be lead on through storytelling, fibs, or false flirting. People lie for many reasons wether it’s fear or for attention but it’s important to remember that when we lie, we eventually are hurting someone else.


Truthfully yours,



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3 Responses to Week 5

  1. if you’re looking for a dating site, you should try okcupid. there’s less sex offenders there

  2. Krystyna says:

    “I’ve had 30 or so responses in the past week from probably 30 of the craziest, weirdest, sex offenders in my area” Lol this totally made me giggle.

    P.s. I’m a new reader. 🙂

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