Week 2

Raise your hand if someone has ever lied to you and you knew it right from the start. It’s a dreadful feeling. The dread grows when it happens over and over again. But if your hand is raised don’t worry because I assure you that you aren’t alone.

My brother and I have a strained relationship and I believe that some of it could stem from a lack of honesty. I asked him a question and he lied to me. When he lied I knew immediately. So I asked him again, looking for the truth, and he lied. When I asked for the truth the third time, ladies and gentlemen, he lied. Finally I confronted him explaining I knew he was lying and he blew me off. My own brother lied to me, three times in a row. His lying made the situation worse.

It hurts when someone lies to your face and you know it. It hurts even more when you see their face repeatedly. It’s a shame that when we seek the truth we’re still lied to. Just because I’m telling the truth doesn’t mean everyone else will.

Other than a fallout with my brother, this week had some high points. I went out with my friends to a nightclub and enjoyed myself. I told my parents exactly what I did while some of my friend had to lie about what they were doing. Normally, I would have done the same thing and just came up with some false story. I also moved back to school so it should be an interesting truth-filled semester.

Slowly yet surely I find that telling the truth is molding me to think more about my actions. I’m working on avoiding even the smallest moments or altercations where I might be inclined to white lie.

Truthfully yours,



About Casey

Seeking happiness while only telling the truth
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