The first four days

The first four days have been interesting. There haven’t been any absurd moments where the truth has redefined my life but, little by little, through small moments I feel myself being more direct.

Over Thanksgiving break, I decided to get my nipple pierced. I just wanted it done and I didn’t tell my parents about it. I have a good relationship with my parents, but I imagined it going one of two ways; 1. My Dad shrugs his shoulders and my Mom says that’s disgusting, or 2. My Dad shrugs his shoulders and my Mom asks “Why?” Fearing they might make me remove it I decided to wait to tell them. I just told them the truth about and my Mom laughed. They were fine with it. There was no need to hide it in the first place. My Dad told me “It’s your body, but just treat it like a temple.” I almost felt bad from hiding it from them.

I also just got pulled over for speeding. This isn’t the first time that’s happened but I still got really nervous and I could feel my mouth drying up like an old sponge. I tried to stay calm and I was honest with the officer. I told him I was lost in which his response was, “Well if you don’t know where you are going then why don’t you slow down?”

Touche officer. Not only did he let me off with a warning, but he also helped me with directions and he even cracked a small joke. I don’t think my honesty was a major catalyst in this moment because of connections I have, but I don’t think it hurt me.

I’m a very indecisive person and I see myself being forced to make more decisions. Instead of dancing around what I want, I find I have to make more choices. This is causing me in a sense, not to care less about what others think, but rather make sure my opinion gets voiced. I went out recently with a large group of friends and normally I just cling to others thoughts about where to eat, as not to upset anyone, but I did notice I felt more obligated to voice my own opinions.

Truthfully yours,



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